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As an Internationally accredited Traditional Thai massage therapist and teacher of this ancient healing tradition I believe that Traditional Thai massage can benefit anyone in this fast modern world, where we move less and less.

My name is Zsolt, I am Hungarian. Many years ago I left my home town to go on an adventure. At that time I had no idea what I will find. I lived in many places and currently in Amsterdam. I found Tibetan Buddhism in 1996. Since then I do my best to practice meditation. I wanted to find a way to "translate" spiritual experience in the physical too. I started looking to the far East for some answers. I found a Chi Kung teacher from whom I learned to practice some basics. I practice Yin yoga too. First time I met Thai massage about eight years ago when I got a two hour massage from a friend who is practising this art for many years. I never had such a massage experience in my life. I was totally relaxed in my body and quiet in my mind. Felt balanced and grounded. He offered to teach me this too. However it was not the time yet to pick up this and practice it. I still had other ideas. In 2003 I graduated in London as a dental technician and worked in the field in England and in Holland. I did this to earn money, but it was not my life purpouse. One day at my last dental place I worked one of my colleagues told me why don't I do something with massage? I was surprised of this question, yet it intrigued me so I searched for schools around where I live. I found ITM Thai-Hand in Amsterdam and enrolled to become a practitioner. I learned 4 types of massages. My teacher saw talent in me and encouraged me to continue and do the teacher's training to be able to teach too this healing art. At the teacher's training I have learned four levels of Traditional Thai massage, also Wat Po style or the "Royal massage" and one of my favourite massages Chi Nei Tsang or abdominal massage. This was the moment I found my purpouse. I have not looked back since. Seeing the change on the people after I massage them is a great gift. This is why I keep doing what I do and I believe that Traditional Thai massage is the "translation" of spiritual experience in the physical realm.

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    The world is a book and those who do not travel read only one page.

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